Micro mobility.

ExtraEnergy Consulting guides and shapes the light electric mobility industry for the future. We help you to make distinctive, sustainable and lasting decisions to improve your business - for the good of society.

E-mobility is developing in a rapid pace

Technological innovations, international standards and regulations, battery chemistry, supply chain mechanisms and user needs form current markets and offerings. Light electric vehicles s such as pedelecs, e-bikes, e-scooters of all sizes, cargo bikes but also new formats such as parcel support vehicles or delivery robots are growing segments that have unique requirements concerning their specifications. The market is transforming globally, exposing many threats for incumbents, as well as attractive opportunities for new entrants. No matter if you are a newcomer or a company in the change process. 

We are dedicated to support you to make the right decisions and secure that you do not miss relevant information.

Our goal is to add long-lasting value to your company's top and bottom line.​

The solutions we provide are founded on decades of experience and data-driven analysis with a user centered view. We challenge the status quo and the conventional approach with real innovative results and a deep understanding of the global micro mobility market and needs.

Find the best solution for your challenge

wherever you are on your paths of change in the micro mobility industry - anywhere across the globe.


It all begins with an idea. Do you want to launch a business?  Do you intend to enter the LEV industry with a new innovative product? Do you plan to expand your company’s portfolio into the field of light e-mobility?

We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known to keep an eye on the holistic perspective, to help you stay focused .

Get your idea on the e-bike road!


You already have a product in the market. Now, you want to adjust your specifications, improve its performance. Do you want to alter your business model to fit proven user needs? Or do you want to develop a strategic roadmap aligning with key technologies and future trends?

We help you to develop the solution fitting to your company’s strength, target markets and users.

Improve your product, market approach and services!


 You are successful in the light e-mobility market. New entrants pushing in with more elaborate services and features. What is your strength, where does the company’s offering need improvement? Where is digitalization leading your service or product? Do you need  a bottom-up analysis or an enhancement of your supply chain for your light e-mobility business? 

zWe deliver solutions according to your business needs.

Reinvent your service offering!

About the company

We are a group of experts working on the daily mission, to successfully bring e-mobility, e.g. pedelecs, e-bikes and e-scooters into the world.

With extensive experience in the field of light electric vehicle we help your company to overcome  the most critical issues and boost your opportunities.

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We cover a wide array of services, all centered about micro mobility

Every project is different. Our experts are ready to start the conversation to help you take action. 

Our Services _

We're here when you need an adviser, or a hands-on team of professionals to get you to the next level.

Trends and innovation of Light Electric Mobility (LEV)​

What are the driving forces of the light electric mobility? Where is the industry heading?​

Specification of products and system integration

From battery management system, to drive system, from frame design to specification of your components – we consult to specify your requirements.

Customer experience and marketing consulting​

Fundamental insights on user behavior and actual product usage help to improve your portfolio and to develop innovations. 

Information on International and national standards and regulations for LEV manufacturer

No matter if pedelec or accessory – we guide you through the jungle of regulations and standards, help with the implementation, all in compliance with national and international standards and regulations

Business Model Innovation for the micro mobility industry

New light electric vehicle formats, usage models and advanced charging infrastructure exhilarate the use of LEVs in the world. Those new developments require new Business Models to deliver specific value propositions for specific target groups in old and new markets.

Public space management and charging infrastructure consulting​

The raise of micro mobility is currently lacking the necessary urban charging infrastructure. Cities and communes picking up on this topic will accelerate the use of light electric vehicles (LEV’s).

Conduct benchmarking field test and market research

Who are the current market leading companies in the LEV industry, who are the upcoming rocket stars on the horizon? What specs and services are benchmark and what do users need and want?​

Consult on Patents

An in-depth understanding of your LEV innovation is necessary to judge the relevance and core aspect of your idea. Centuries of accumulated knowledge on patents and innovations allows ExtraEnergy Consulting to deliver great support on your patent process. 

passionate about light electric vehicles

We combine deep industry knowledge and networks with a bold vision to derive the best solution for the challenges of our clients. We put recommendations into practice and directly guide our client’s teams to support them to make an impact in business.

We are a small team, with huge diversity concerning backgrounds and expertise – all in the field of micro mobility.

Dr. Mo-Hua Yang

holds a PHD in electro-chemistry. He works in the field of lithium-Ion battery cell and pack applications since 1986. From defining cell specs for the industry-leading Korean cell manufacturers to running an international battery pack manufacturer for LEVs, to consulting governments in large-scale power storage units to even out national grids - his expertise lays in the implementation of complex system solutions in the field of lithium-ion batteries. With his battery scientist background, he brings innovation and strategy into products and roadmaps. He was head of ITRI government research electrochemistry laboratory at Hsinchu, Taiwan. He managed the Taiwanese government LEV market development program, lectured at Taipei University, and is renowned for his international conference presentations. For years he was co-organiser of the LEV Conference. He is a founding member as well as board member of and Mo-Hua is a Taiwanese Citizen and lives in Taiwan and Germany. Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin, French, English.
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Jean Chen

studied International Business. He works since 1991 in various roles in the area of LEVs. His focus lays on sharing platform and service, supply-chain development and management, and sales. With his extensive field knowledge, he finds feasible solutions to problems. His professional network starts in his home town Shanghai. His entrepreneurial thinking ensures success. He developed delivery fleet bikes and services over two decades in various Chinese areas based on custom electric bicycles. He is since 2013 the managing director at ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG and the official representative of the China Bicycle Association in various international standardization committees. He is probably the best-connected person in the Chinese LEV market and trusted by all industry leaders. His expertise is to bridge between cultures and customer expectations. Jean has long working experience with North American as well as European customers. Jean Chen is a Chinese Citizen and is living in China and Germany.
Languages: Shanghainese, Mandarin, English.

Hannes Neupert

studied Industrial Design. He works and gathered expertise in the area of LEVs since 1982 in various roles: customer wishes analysis, product testing, market assessment, battery safety testing, battery laboratory building and operation, standard development, policy lobbying, NGO and governmental organization experience. He wrote the first book on electric bicycles and managed the improvement of DHL electric cargo bike fleet for 8 years. He assisted companies including Sony, Shimano, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Bosch, Brose, Luyuan, Phylion, BYD and many more on their journey into the LEV world. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and a founding member and still active in the organizations of, and He works at numerous Standardization committees at ISO/IEC, CEN/CENELC and DIN/DKE. Since many years he serves as an operating agent at IEA HEV TEC Task 23. He worked extensively in Japan, Korea, USA, Taiwan, China and most of the European countries. He is a German citizen and lives in Germany. Languages: German, English.
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Anke Torkuhl​

studied Industrial-Design and holds a Master in International Business Administration. She worked in the design and development of consumer electronics in Taiwan (3 Years ) China (2 years) and Spain (1 year). Experienced in design thinking, user experience and business model innovation for micro mobility. Anke is a generalist with a broad base of knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of consumer electronics and micro mobility. With a vast international background gathered in years living and working in different cultures and company environments. She efficiently manages projects, visualizes, innovates and improves products and services for the light e-mobility industry since 2008. With a hands-on personality she always has an eye on real user needs, under the constraints of market attractiveness and develops feasible solutions. She is a German citizen and currently lives in Munich, Germany.
Languages: German, English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.
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Prathyush Sreenivasan​

studied Production Engineer and holds a Master in International Technology Transfer. He works since 2018 in the field of LEVs. He is able to connect to the vast number of blossoming Indian Startup in the LEV area, as well as is connected to the government agencies and institutions and to the standardization body in India. He co-organized several high-profile workshops with Industry and government leaders on LEV development in India. Prathyush knows the local e-industry from the inside out. His vast network spans from start-up to established vehicle and component makers into governmental institutions like the ARAI, DST and BIS. He is an Industrial Engineer by trainee and worked on testing e-bikes and pedelecs in Germany. Currently, he focuses on developing the light electric vehicle ecosystem through contributing towards LEV standardization activities and technology transfer. Prathyush is an Indian citizen, he lives in India and Germany. Languages: English, German, Hindi, Marathi and Malayalam.
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